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Sutherland Shire Flooring stock a large range of both timber coatings and sealers. Every species of timber is different and your chosen coatings and sealers may or may not be the right ones to use.

Our team of trained timber flooring specialists will guide you in choosing the correct coatings and sealers. If not done wisely you risk a poor finish or even potentially damage your timber before you even get to walk on it.

The right combination between timber, coatings and sealers is imperative for the life cycle of your floor, deck, furniture etc.

Not all coatings and sealers on the market will work for you so please do not fall into the trap of buying before trying. Sutherland Shire Flooring have tested and tested and tested until we have found the best possible coatings and sealers for each timber species we stock.

We encourage you the leverage of our extensive knowledge of coatings and sealers so you do not have to go through the pain of testing like we have.

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